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Help Rebuild New Orleans

Dear reader,

Sigh Co. Graphics is based right in the heart of New Orleans, the city we call home. Due to the recent near direct hit by hurricane Katrina, we were required to evacuate the city. After almost two months of conducting business from a temporary office in Dallas, Texas, we have finally returned home and resumed normal production. Many other people were not so lucky. Katrina claimed hundreds of lives and destroyed entire swaths of property in low-lying areas. Many lost their home, their family, their entire lifestyle. Because we love New Orleans, the city where we live and work, and believe the city and its people can be made strong once more, we want to do everything we can to help rebuild the famous, mysterious, musical, and colorful Crescent City.

Rescue Relief Recovery - Rebuild New Orleans, America's Most Colorful City We decided to do what we do best. We created a T-shirt design that sums up our feelings, to help spread our message: Rebuild New Orleans. We'll also make a substantial donation to local relief funds for each shirt you buy.

Unlike other T-shirts we've seen, funny or otherwise, that only serve to capitalize on the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, or give only a small percentage to charity, the purchase of our Rebuild New Orleans shirt will actually help the rebuilding efforts. We really want to make a difference here - after all, we want our city back! For every Rebuild New Orleans shirt you purchase, we'll donate $10. National agencies have already accomplished a lot, but we now feel that it's time to think locally, and give directly to funds which can have the greatest local impact. To that end, we will be splitting the donation between Tipitina's Artist Relief Fund and the New Orleans Restoration Fund.

Click here to buy the shirt and help Rebuild New Orleans.

Description: This shirt features a satellite image of Hurricane Katrina, the words "Rescue Relief Recover. Rebuild New Orleans, America's Most Colorful City," and the fleur-de-lis, symbol of our jewel of a city. Printed in the traditional colors of New Orleans and Mardi Gras - purple for justice, green for faith, and gold for power - this shirt is a tribue to our favorite city, and a wish of speedy recovery for both New Orleans and its people. At the bottom of the design is a line of text that reads: "To find out how you can help, visit" (that's this page).

We appreciate your consideration. Check the sidebar of this page for more information on local charities that have a direct impact on Rebuilding New Orleans.

Thank you,

Brian & Gwen Callahan (and Dante the cat!)

Help Sigh Co.

Due to Hurricane Katrina, Sigh Co. Graphics has experienced many setbacks, but we're still in business, thanks to the kindness of others! If you're one of our fans and you just want to help us get back on our feet, why not check out the rest of our on-line store? We offer a ton of shirt styles, including babydoll tees, strappy tank tops, raglan sleeve shirts, and ringer tees, in addition to basic black T-shirts. Every one you buy helps Sigh Co. Graphics get back to being normal (or back to being normally weird).

Donate directly

Not interested in a T-shirt, but still want to help New Orleans? Give to the relief effort directly by visiting these sites. We've selected them because they appear to provide very focussed and localized services that we believe will help restore New Orleans most effectively:

Please note that while we believe that these charities are reputable, once you click on the above links and donate your money, you're on your own.

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Please Help Rebuild New Orleans with Sigh Co. Graphics
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